How to Cut Your Hair Like Taylor Swift's

Are you wondering how to cut your hair like Taylor Swift's? Yes, Taylor Swift has the amazing spiral curl goddess hair that manages to look effortless, but the truth is that she needs to work at it as much as anyone else. If you're willing to put in the effort, you too can achieve this style.

Taylor Swift has naturally curly hair. Before you get too envious, you need to recognize the fact that curly hair is a lot of work; you might be happy enough doing up your hair like Swift's on special occasions and enjoy your everyday easy style the rest of the time. You'll have to use different hair styling techniques to get Swift's look, depending on what kind of hair you have.

If You Have Naturally Curly Hair
Have your stylist cut your hair into long layers. After you shower, towel dry hair, then spray a root volumizer on your roots. Flip your hair over your head and blow dry roots with a diffuser on cool, just drying and giving volume at roots. Stand back up and carefully apply a leave-in conditioner, styling gel and smoother in your hair. If your hair is dry or coarse, apply a healing oil like Moroccan Miracle Oil also. Finger twist hair into one-inch wide segments, creating twirly curls. Allow hair to dry naturally. Run fingers through hair like a wide rake and run hands over surface of curls to get rid of crunchy feeling to curls without disturbing curls. Spritz with shine serum.

If You Have Wavy or Straight Hair
If you're willing to get a perm, you can follow the same instructions as above. If not, you've got some work cut out for you. Get your stylist to cut your hair into long layers. Tell her what look you're going for. After washing and conditioning your hair, you'll need to blow dry your hair using a round brush, focusing on adding volume at the crown and directing your hair down and under. Part hair to one side and direct hair to swoop over one eye. Once hair is dry, you'll need to work a bit of light styling gel throughout your hair. Heat up a skinny curling iron. Separate hair out into sections about as wide as your pinky finger and carefully wind hair around curling iron and hold for five seconds. Unwind spiral curl and let cool without touching as you curl the next section of your hair. Do not touch a curl until it has cooled completely, and even when you do touch the curls, make sure to do so disturbing the curl as little as possible. Once entire head of hair is curled, spritz with shine serum and arrange curls as desired.

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