Marie Osmond Hairstyles

Marie Osmond hairstyles are perfect for people with long and thick hair. This famous performer has long locks that are commonly pulled into an arrangement of updos and haircuts that highlight the wave and layers of her hair. The following are just some of the many Osmond hairstyles you can try.

When it comes to hair, Osmond is known for her long, luscious locks. Often, the hair is cut into long layers or even into a long shag to give it texture and shape. With this haircut, you can style it so that it hangs down and is wavy, or you can pull half of it back into a bouffant or messy updo. The layered look can be accomplished by scrunching the hair with gel after a shower or by drying the hair and then carefully curling it with a curling iron. Really, the amount of wave or curl you want determines the method you use.

Osmond's hairstyles often pair bangs with longer hair looks. The bangs vary according to the style. You can go with thick bangs that are layered in length or with fringe-like bangs that frame the face.

Osmond has also tried shorter hairstyles. For these, the hair is straightened and then cut into a medium-length shag. Short, thin bangs that frame the face add to this look as do scattered highlights. Another short Osmond hairstyle is to add to the natural curl or wave of the hair and go for a pinned up curled look. Here, the curls frame the face and accentuate the mouth and eyes. Pair this with a bright lipstick, and you're sure to look glamorous.

Osmond hairstyles are meant to highlight the wave or flow of a woman's hair. Thus, if you have particularly long, thick or curly hair, these looks are an easy-to-manage option. To maintain these looks, a hairdryer and some hair spray or gel should do the trick.

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