Sharon Stone Hairstyles

Sharon Stone hairstyles are short, fun and sexy. The beauty of such looks is that they are well-suited for people of all ages and backgrounds. The following are just some of the most common Stone looks to try.

Short Styles
When people think of Sharon Stone, they often think of short, funky locks that thrust the wearer's face into the spotlight. The hair is often no longer than the ears or chins and is cut into fun layers. These hair looks often appear to be perfectly messed.

There are, however, even spunkier short Stone looks you can try. Consider having your hair cut and styled so that it spikes up in places. The hair has a razored or edgy look to it and closely resembles a spiky, ragged pixie cut. The look can be slicked down or spiked into a messy yet funky look.

A softer Stone look involves curling the hair into short spirals. Here, the hair frames the face. A curling iron or curlers can quickly transform the hair into angelic curls. Another softer Stone look involves blowing or teasing the hair out so that it falls in eye-catching waves around the face. 

Longer Looks
When Stone does go for a longer look, she tends to use hair extensions. With longer locks, Stone either wears the hair long and straight or pulls it into a bouffant-type updo. Though this performer has tried every hair color, she is most remembered for her blonde looks. 

Many of Stone's updos involve pulling the hair back for a sleek look. This may involve a tight bun or French twist or just a quick slicking back of the hair. The face is the emphasis for many of Stone's looks. The hair acts like something of a frame.

Stone has perfected the messy yet sleek look. Hair styling for the majority of these hairstyles involves hair products like gel and paste. This is an easy to manage and fun way to make hair look flirty and fun.

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