Easy Hairstyles for Curly Hair

The easiest style for women with curly hair is a rat's nest. Alas, this is also the ugliest option. Curly hair tends to be wild and frizz-prone, so the most attractive easy hairstyles for curly hair require three steps: the right cut, the right care and the right style.

The Right Cut
"Dry" haircuts are the only style of haircut a woman with curly hair should ever get. Since those curls are often of different sizes and shapes, they can be tricky. When curly hair gets wet, as it would with the normal "shampoo and trim" style, the curls tend to stretch or vanish.

What may look like a long strand of hair when wet could curl up to be the shortest strand on your head when dry. Wet, curly hair is misleading, and cutting it will result in an uneven style. To find the true "ends" of your strands, you need to cut them when they're dry and curled.

The Right Care
Curly hair needs proper care specific to its problems. You should use a gentle shampoo and a super-moisturizing conditioner. Leave-in curly hair conditioners are particularly wonderful because they-re easy and effective.

Let your hair air-dry as often as possible, and try to eliminate the use of a blow dryer. Blow dryers just make your hair look and feel like knots of straw. Think about using some curly hair care products, such as an anti-frizz serum, on your damp hair before letting it dry. These smoothing potions help keep the right curl shape and add healthy-looking shine.

The Right Style
Styling curly hair can often feel impossible, like trying to slay a dragon using only a toothpick. The key is to work with your curls, not against them. Use salon products to tame that frizzy dragon because you definitely don't want to kill your own hair.

Throw out your brushes and combs unless your specific style requires one. Those fine hair bristles tear into your curls, breaking them up and causing frizz. You want to stick with your fingers or a hair pick when possible.

Naturally Curly Style
The easiest style you can use for curly hair is your natural style. Let those locks fall as they may, but keep them looking managed instead of exploding. To get your natural style, just wash and dry your hair as you normally would. You can also add a little anti-frizz treatment if desired.

Untangle your damp hair by gently running your fingers through it, and help shape and gather each curl. Let your hair dry naturally. Once your hair is dry, gently bend over and let your hair fall forward. Do not flip your head suddenly, as the movement will also break up the curls and cause some frizz.

Run your fingers gently through the curls once more, making sure to get the locks at both the front and back of your head. Gently straighten up, and your twirled tresses should fall into their happy little places. If you still have a few strays, take a finger and wrap your curls around it to bring fly-aways back into the nest.

Extra Curly Style
If your curls need a little encouragement to keep from getting frizzy, try some old-fashioned scrunching. Just shampoo, condition and towel dry. Flip your head over, and bunch the hair into your fists, squeezing moderately to encourage curling.

To get volume in your curls, scrunch the hair at the roots. If you're trying to keep the shape from appearing shaggy, spend more time scrunching your hair at the ends. After you've done the scrunching, let your hair dry over halfway.

Flip, scrunch again and then let your hair dry completely. Once dry, use your fingers to help set and smooth the extra curls. A tiny bit of hairspray, gel or anti-frizz product will help keep the hair in curls instead of knots.

Braided Curly Style
A braid is always perfect for dirty, or just plain messy, hair. Women with hair that is long enough can try a loose braid with a few soft ringlets falling out. This style looks sexy on any woman and has an instantly flirtatious feel.

Run your fingers in your curls to neaten them up, and pull your hair into a ponytail. Start just above the base of the skull and loosely, but securely, braid your wavy locks. Leave at least three inches of loose hair at the end of the braid, and tie with a hair band or scrunchie.

Allow the shorter curls around your face and neck to fall from the braid to create that romantic appeal. Use a small bit of hairspray or gel to hold both the braided curls and loose ringlets in place.

Short Curly Style
If you have shorter curls and hate when you get a poofy head, try a silky, flat top and bouncing locks look. Wash and dry your hair as usual. Make sure to use conditioner on your scalp for a silky look when straightened, but avoid using any salon products that help create extra curls.

Choose where you want to part your hair. Use a flat brush and a blow dryer with diffuser to smooth out the curls from the top of your head to your temples. Pull the locks tight and straight, and use a bobby pin or clip to hold the smooth, straight hair down. Add a little hairspray or gel as needed.

Take the free hair under your temples, and give it a generous scrunching to encourage curls. Add a little anti-frizz serum to your fingers, and smooth your curls together into bouncing spirals. Let your curls air dry. You now have a very chic style without a head that looks like a cotton ball.

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