The Choppy Curly Hair Cut

The choppy curly hair cut is all about taking off weight and adding bounce. Here, the hair is cut into a range of layers to remove some weight, give it bounce and add a unique or choppy look to the hair. Having curly hair is a blessing: After layering or texturizing, the scissor marks won't be seen. Instead, the curl of your hair will be accentuated and you won't feel as if you're dragging a dead animal's pelt everywhere you go. The following are some things to consider when planning or styling a choppy hair look.

At the most basic level, the choppy look is achieved the same way for all hair types. The hair is cut and then texture is added by working around the head by cutting the ends of hair into angles and varying layers. However, whereas the look may look edgy and razor-like for straight hair types, it results in a tousled mane of hair for curly hair vixens.

The great thing about choppy looks is that it removes volume for curly-haired folks. This will keep you from looking like a clown or from having hair that looks like a helmet. Simply cutting the hair into varying layers can give curly hair the space it needs to move from a frizzfest into luscious spirals or curls. Thus, the choppy cut can give curly hair more shape.

The more you experiment with layer lengths and hair products, the more you will know about how to style this look. Consider investing in pomades, gels and mousses to see which works best with your hair type. This cut is meant to look carefully tousled, so take the time to experiment. Similarly, play around with the position of your part: You can go for a straight side hair part, or you can try something messier. Soon, you'll have hair the bounces with your every step. Forget simply feeling like you're on cloud nine, you'll look like you're floating. 

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