Edgy Punk Emo Hairstyles

Punk emo hairstyles allow a creative person to show off his individuality and sense of style. These edgy looks reflect two of the key components of the emo, or emotional, youth lifestyle: dark rebellion and bright creativity.

Emo Shag
One of the most popular emo hairstyles is the emo shag. Because it incorporates a long side-swept bang, you may need to grow your hair out for a few weeks before you can wear this emo hair style. Start with a traditional spiky cut and add in the long bang. You should also ask your stylist to texturize the hair throughout.

Side Swept
Emo shag aside, bangs are a big emo hair style must, especially if they cover one or both of your eyes so as to lend you an air of mystery. This look works best with super-straight hair. Get out the flat iron to complete the sleek look.

This style is even more edgy than most emo looks, showing off serious individuality. This approach can be achieved in several ways. You could go for an uneven look from front to back, maintaining shoulder length locks at the front and choppy short layers at the back; you could also achieve an uneven look from side to side, maintaining ear length hair on the left side of your head and shoulder length hair on the right.

Emo hair styles mimic the emo lifestyle: unrestrained. Emo hairstyles for girls respect this aspect of the culture, so keep away the pins, elastic bands or headbands. Keep it easy and flowing or spiky.

This emo hair style is not for the timid. The skullet definitely gives you attitude, as it requires wearing a mullet and a shaved head at the same time. You'll shave the middle portion of your hair, leaving the sides long.

Like emo fashion, emo hairstyles often are worn in dark, deep colors. If you have dark hair already, you could go natural. Otherwise, consider deep blue, black or dark purple. Some also add a second color to make the look more punk like a bright red, yellow, pink or orange. 

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Emo hairstyles for girls can offer a pretty style that reflects the sensitive vibe and spirit of emo culture.

Emo hairstyles for guys help fans of the emo culture reflect the individuality and attitude of the scene.

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While generally a youth trend, emo hairstyles for men can give an older fan of the emo scene a hot yet appropriately mature style.

If you are looking for edgy, easy to maintain short emo hairstyles, don't assume that you are running a fool's errand.

Knowing how to do emo hairstyles and makeup can help you create a vivid look that fits right within the emo culture. Learn the few rules and the many options available.

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