Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Attractive hairstyles for fine hair require a great haircut and some volume-enhancing hair products, such as mousse. Fine hair occurs when each strand is extremely thin in diameter. This delicate nature makes the hair highly susceptible to damage, so it's important to treat fine hair with a soft touch.

Hairstyle Tips for Fine Hair
The one thing fine hair lacks is volume, so proper styling should give as much volume as possible. To accomplish this, you must start off with clean and healthy hair. You want to use a gentle shampoo to clean fine hair, regardless of the type. Oily fine hair can often go with only a drop of light conditioner. Dry fine hair needs a light and moisturizing conditioner, but never a heavy one. Always remember that a heavy conditioner will do nothing but flatten your style.

Most hairstyles for fine hair require the use of some quality hair styling products. To help create body, you're going to need some volume enhancing items, such as mousse, root lifter or light hairspray. Steer clear of most hair gels, as they tend to be too heavy for fine hair, leaving it limp and brittle. While curling irons, curlers and blow dryers help create volume, they also suck the moisture from your hair. It's ok to use these tools on occasion, but refrain from making them a part of your daily styling routine.

Hairstyles for Fine Hair

  • Short hair with lift. Fine hair can always use a little body, even if it's cut into a short bob. Try a little volume-enhancing mousse around the crown of the head. As the mousse dries, use your fingers or a pick to help shape your hair. Use a warm curling iron to gently curl the ends of your hair outward to add texture.
  • Short hair with spike. If you have your fine hair cut very short, you can help create body by using some root lifter, volume mousse or even light hairspray on your hair's roots. Focus the styling product on the entire head, not just the crown, to add a spiky lift to the entire look. If you're want a really punk feeling, use the styling product to spike the short hair straight out instead of focusing it on just the roots.
  • Medium hair with curl. Try a little curl to help add body if you have fine hair that is cut to a single, medium length. Use some root lifter to add volume. Use a warm curling iron or wide curlers to curl the ends of your hair inwards. Since the hair from the crown to the curls will create a broad palette, you may want to use some light shine serum to help give your locks some gloss.
  • Long hair with poof. If you have fine hair that is cut long, try adding a little poof in your style to help create volume. Brush the front third of your hair up and back. If you have bangs, separate them from the smoothed hair. Grip the smoothed hair tightly and push it forward slightly to create a poof. Secure the hair with a small barrette. Style the remaining hair as desired. 
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