Hairstyles for Fine, Thin Hair

Most hairstyles for fine thin hair are short in length. A short cut helps create volume for thin hair. Since there is less weight on each strand to flatten the style down, the look suggests a type of body that most people with fine and thin hair desire.

Thin haircuts tend to use light layering to add shape and texture to the resulting style. However, you want to avoid having your thin hair trimmed with heavily feathered layers, as it can often result in obvious thin patches and even bald spots. Fine and thin hair shows even the slightest bit of damage, so make sure you remain vigilant caring for each strand properly.

Caring for Fine and Thin Hair
For a great hairstyle, you must start off with great hair. Remember, any extra weight can make fine, thin hair appear limp. Always use light, volumizing shampoos and conditioners created for fine hair. These products avoid excess ingredients that weigh hair down and some even contain an invisible film that covers each strand, increasing body.

If you have dry fine hair, use a light moisturizing conditioner. Never use heavy creams or leave-in conditioners, as they will automatically make your hair appear limp. If you have oily and short thin hair, you may want to skip using conditioner completely. If you have longer, oily hair, try using a light conditioner just on the ends of your hair.

Hairstyles for Fine Thin Hair

  • A textured bob hairstyle helps add dimension and volume to fine, thin hair. Cut your locks at about chin length. Very lightly layer the remaining hair to create a rounded shape. If you want a more angled hairstyle, add a little more layering on the last three inches of the cut. Trim the bangs anywhere from eye to mid-forehead length. Use some root lifter and a curling iron to add massive volume around the crown and leave the remaining hair sleek against the head.
  • An inverted bob hairstyle is a great modern cut for fine and thin hair. The style trims the hair at the back of the head very short, while the hair at the front of the head is cut much longer. This creates a sharply angled line that helps frame the face. The look should be paired with long and side swept bangs. The entire style, including the bangs, can be carefully layered to give the cut a punk flair.
  • A short and side-fringed hairstyle creates an easy to manage look for fine and thin hair. Your hair should be trimmed a few inches below your chin. Create some long, side swept bangs that end just one or two inches above the rest of your hair. Lightly fringe the bangs and hair along the sides of your face. This style looks great worn sleek, with the ends curled in, with the ends curled out or with a little volume around the crown. 
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