Hairstyles for Thin, Flat Hair

Hairstyles for thin, flat hair are usually medium to short in length. A long length just adds weight to already flat strands and makes your hair look stringy. The exact style that will look best on you depends on where your hair is the thinnest and how much time you're willing to spend styling it each morning.

Thin Hair Solutions
The best possible hairstyles for thin and flat strands need to start with proper care and healthy hair. Use light shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for thin hair; they will help add volume and shine. Never use excess amounts of conditioner on your hair, it will only weight it down. Look for products that offer thin hair solutions, such as root lifter, hair thickening serums or volumizing sprays.

Getting highlights, or other coloring techniques, helps add depth and the illusion of body to thin and flat hair. Use colors that match and blend with the color of your scalp for the best results. Thin hair can often leaves bare patches, so if you have a light scalp, then black hair will look patchy. Use a light color to help blend with your light scalp to make your hair appear thicker.

Hairstyles for Thin Flat Hair

  • A blunt bob is the most popular style for women with thin and flat hair. The hair should be cut in a straight line just above shoulder length. The blunt line actually helps make your hair appear fuller, so avoid any heavy texturing on the ends. If you want to soften the shape of the cut, use some very light layering around the head to create a rounded effect. If you're hair is particularly thin in front, make sure to cut some short bangs to help add volume.
  • A short and rounded bob is a sleek and sexy look for women with thin and flat hair. The hair should be cut in a rounded line at about earlobe length. The bangs should be cut at about mid-ear length. Trim the body of the hair in light and gradual layering to add to the rounded effect. Add a little root lifter to the crown and smooth the bangs behind each ear. Curl the ends of the bob inward to add body.
  • A short bowl cut is a flirty style for men with thin and flat hair. Cut the hair so it barely brushes across the top of the ears. Trim the hair above the cut line a rounded, bowl shape around the head. Trim the hair below the cut line extremely short, up to one inch in length, in gradual layers. Let the bangs separate at the natural part line and fall to each side of the forehead.
  • A soft pixie cut is usually worn by women with thin and flat hair, but some men can get away with the style too. A soft pixie cuts the hair a few inches long in soft and gradual layers. The hair at the crown of the head is left longer so it can be spiked up a little with root lifter for volume. The bangs should be cut short with soft layering or medium length and side-swept. To make the style more masculine, add some light gel to the tips of each layer to create a jagged feel.
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