Hairstyles for Thin Hair

The most attractive hairstyles for thin hair tend to be short with careful layering. Thin hair looks flat and stringy if left long. It just doesn't have the natural body needed to look good if it's cut below shoulder length. It's also too fragile to look good with heavy layering. Such a rough cut can create the appearance of bald spots.

Regardless of the exact hairstyle, adding highlights is an effective way to provide some thin hair help. Getting highlights, lowlights or streaks for thin hair helps add the dimension and depth your tresses are lacking. It gives the illusion of thick hair and enhances your styles overall shape.

Hairstyles for Thin Hair

  • A blunt bob is the ultimate standby style for women with thin hair. It can be cut anywhere from shoulder to ear length and be worn with any kind of bangs. The ends of the hair should be cut straight across in a sharp line. The remaining hair should be very lightly layered into a sleek and rounded shape. Your can wear the look straight, with the ends curled inward, with the ends curled outward, with volume around the crown or with the entire look set into waves.
  • A medium oval cut is a very natural look for women with fine hair. The hair around the back and sides of your head is cut in a soft oval shape, with the hair at the nape of the neck ending one or two inches below the shoulders. Finish off the gentle style with long, side swept bangs and light feathering around the face. If your hair is straight, add a little volume to the look by curling the ends of the hair outwards.
  • A chopped cut works for men or women with fine hair. This style takes a skilled stylist to create with a perfect balance between layering the hair enough to look choppy, but not so much that it looks sparse. The hair coming off the crown of the head should be at least four to five inches long. The remaining hair should be layered to become gradually shorter the closer it gets to the nape. For a feminine touch, add mousse to the roots for massive volume and gel to the ends for drama.
  • A short crop is a common hairstyle for men with thin hair. The hair around the sides and back of the head should be cut about one inch in length. The hair at the top of the head should become gradually longer from the back of the crown to the bangs. The bangs should be cut at about eyebrow length with a subtle side sweep.
  • A sleek crop with long bangs is a very sexy hairstyle for women with thin hair. The hair around the back and sides of the head should be cut about two inches long into smooth layers. The hair from the middle of the crown to the bangs should be cut longer, ending in ear length, side swept bangs. Use a little root lifter around the crown to add height to the style and smooth the bangs over one eye.
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