The Best Haircut for Fine Hair

The best haircut for fine hair is one that prevents your strands from looking limp and stringy. Though most people look for volume enhancing hairstyles for fine hair, any cut that keeps your hair looking healthy will work.

If you have dry fine hair, stick with shorter styles that will keep the strands short enough that they don't get a chance to split. If you have oily fine hair, you can look for a longer cut, but be careful of styles that weigh your hair down. Heavy styles on oily fine hair just result in a flat and stringy look.

The Best Haircut for Fine Hair
The best length for fine hair is usually shoulder-length or shorter. This leaves enough length for your hair to have movement and style, but makes the strands short enough to retain body. Fine hair is extremely delicate, so avoid using harsh trimming techniques. Razor cuts, heavy feathering and thinning cuts look terrible on fine hair.

  •  A bowl crop haircut had a masculine feel, but looks good on men or women with fine hair. The hair is cut in a short taper to about halfway up the back of the head. The remaining hair from the crown to the cut line is left long. The bangs are usually cut in line with the rest of the hair, but some extremely light layering is added. 
  • A classic bob haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles for women with fine hair. The hair can be cut anywhere from shoulder to ear length. The hair can be left without bangs or layering if your fine hair is thick enough to hold some body. If your hair is thin, you want to add some light layering around the head to create a rounded shape. Depending on the exact style desired, your bob can be matched with any type of bangs.
  • A Caesar haircut is a hot look for men with fine hair. The hair is cut short, only a few inches in length, in straight layers around the head. The bangs are cut short and blunt across the forehead. The look is worn flat, but you can add a little gel to the tips of the bangs to create downward spikes.
  • A pixie haircut is popular for looking good and being easy to style if you have fine hair. Though the style is usually worn by women, some men can pull off the look as well. The hair is cut in choppy layers a few inches long around the head. The bangs are also cut short and close to the head. For a trendy twist, the bangs can be cut side swept and about cheek length.
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Haircuts for fine hair help you make the most of your fine and delicate locks. 

Hairstyles for fine hair require that you pay special attention to cut and product. Learn how to make your fine hair one of your finest assets.

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