How to Remove Yellow from Gray Hair Naturally

Gray hair can be shiny, vibrant and beautiful. Sometimes yellowing can appear in gray hair that detracts from it's beauty. This yellow appearance can be caused by a variety of factors including smoking, the sun, and prescription, or over-the-counter, medications and vitamins. The first steps to removing yellow from gray hair naturally is to evaluate these causes and remove them from your daily life whenever possible to keep the yellow from reappearing.

After making lifestyle changes, the next step to to remove yellow from gray hair is to treat the hair itself. This can be done in a salon or naturally at home. Below are some tips to remove yellow from gray hair naturally at home:

A highlighting shampoo with a cool base color (blue) will eliminate yellow streaks. Use the highlighting shampoo according to the package directions. These can be very drying to the hair, so follow them with a conditioner. If the hair becomes "blue," from using a highlighting shampoo for gray hair, use the shampoo less often. There are also some highlighting conditioners made for gray hair for those who are concerned with the shampoos being too drying.

Natural highlighting products such as lemon juice, rhubarb, chamomile and honey will also remove yellow from gray hair. All of these natural ingredients can be applied directly to the hair and allowed to rest on the hair for 20 to 30 minutes. Follow by washing hair as usually to remove the natural ingredients from the hair. Herbs should be steeped in water to extract the herbal properties and then cooled to apply them to the hair.

Mix conditioner half and half with hydrogen peroxide. Allow this mixture rest on the hair for 20 minutes. This will remove yellow from gray hair. To remove the peroxide and conditioner from the hair, simply shampoo as normal.

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