Brown Hair Color Trends

Brown hair color trends are all the rage right now. After all, anyone can look great as a brunette if they find the right shade for their skin and eye colors. This is a low-maintenance, fashionable and fun hair color to try. In fact, it's a color that shines well in light, can hide damaged locks and is becoming a go-to shade for actresses, models and public figures around the world. The following are just some of the trendiest brown hair colors to consider before you book your next trip to the salon.

Today's brown hair shade trends are all about dark and dramatic shades. Dark chocolate tresses that slink down the back are a common trend this year. Dark brown looks great on a variety of skin colorings, though it's typically well-suited for folks with olive or dark skin colors. This is sure to make you look that much more mysterious, sexy and sensual. Chestnut looks are in this year: Gone is the focus on contrasting brunette looks with bright highlights. Instead, raven locks with subtle or minimal highlights are a major part of this year's trends.

Ebony or nearly jet-black shades are also coming into style. This is a look that is sure to turn heads. This hair color is all about boldness. Celebrities around the world often add a unique touch to this look by adding dark highlights like reds or purples, dramatic blonde streaks or subtle low and highlights.

If you go for a brunette look, remember that brown is in this year. Thus, highlights should add to the look but should not take away from the true focal point: the brown tresses. In the past, brown hair colors were pumped up with blonde highlights. Instead, keep with the brown theme and stay away from lightening the look too much. Seductive dark locks are in fashion: It's all or nothing when it comes to this hair color trend.

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