Choosing Lowlights in Brown Hair

Choosing lowlights in brown hair can be a great way to give your style some dimension and interest, without going with extreme blond highlights so many women have worn in the past. You can create a whole new look for yourself without needing to give up the sensuous look of your darker hair.


Lowlights go the opposite way of highlights, using color that is darker than the base color. You are probably familiar with the popular trend of a couple years back, with blondes adding dark lowlights to the underneath layers of their hair. While that is certainly a dramatic example of lowlights, you don't need to go that far extreme to get the benefits of lowlights. If you have brown hair, lowlights are the perfect way to make your hair look fuller, healthier and noticeable.


Lowlights in brown hair are a perfect choice for winter and fall styles. While highlights bring the look of sunshine to your locks, lowlights add interest and depth without looking artificial in the colder, less sunny months. Using darker hues to add dimension to brown hair is a great way to keep people noticing your hair and wondering how you always keep it looking so special. You'll get lots of shine from your lowlights, which is great, as shiny hair looks fantastic on anyone.


Lowlights look best in the under layers of your hair. Most women wear fewer lowlights than highlights and you can even confine them to the very tips of your hair. Either way, less is more when it comes to lowlights.


Color matters when choosing lowlights in brown hair and most of the shades that will work best for you sound like dessert. Caramel, cinnamon and chocolate will all work in the brown shades or you can spice it up with rust or auburn from the red shades. Lowlights work wonders for punching up the excitement factor in brown hair, in a more understated, subtle way than highlights work. Give your hair the the boost it needs and try some lowlights today.

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