Hair Color Correction Tips for Coloring Mishaps

Bad hair color today? Make it gone tomorrow. Follow these tips for hair color correction so you can act fast and correct your color mishaps while minimizing damage to your hair.

If you dyed your entire head of hair not only lighter than your natural color, but lighter than intended, the solution is as simple as returning to the store to buy a box that's one or two shades darker. Follow the instructions on the box and hopefully you'll be satisfied the second time around. If you don't want to do another dye job, you can help to darken the color over time with a color depositing shampoo.

If your hair has taken on more of a platinum tone, however, your solution will be a little more complicated, one that may require dying your hair two more times to get it right. Your best bet is to visit a professional who can do it without overly drying or damaging your hair.

On the other end of the color spectrum, a dark color mishap requires quick action. For best results, you'll need to correct your color within 48 to 72 hours of your initial dye job; unlike paint, hair color takes a few days to fully change the color of the hair shaft.

Go to the drugstore and buy a box of hair color removal-there are several on the market from which to choose. Follow the instructions included in the kit to strip away the hair color. Even permanent color should vanish. After the hair color has been removed, brave or adventurous colorists can attempt to dye hair again.

If the results of your dye job are less a catastrophe than a disappointment-if it's a shade or two darker than you would have liked-you can help the fading process along. Wash your hair more frequently using hot water and a clarifying shampoo or dandruff shampoo, which is designed to strip the hair shaft of oils and buildup including excess pigment.

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Take these hair coloring tips with you to the drugstore so you can make the best decisions about permanent, semi-permanent and demi-permanent options and apply your chosen hair color like a pro.

Getting top-notch hair color is so much more than merely picking out a shade.

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Any hair color specialist worth their salt will tell you that the best results come from a choosing a hair color that matches your skin tone. Warm, cool, dark or tinted with yellow, everyone needs something slightly different.

Before you start down the path of bleach blonde hair, you need to know some important facts. Any hair color correction that involves lightening your hair color is going to involve bleaching.

Change your hair color, change your life with these hair coloring tips to help you select the right hair color for you.

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