Hair Highlights for Light Brown Hair

What are the right hair highlights for light brown hair? Is blonde the right choice? Is it the only choice? What about platinum blonde? Highlights can add life and shine to your hair, making it look multi-dimensional and gorgeous, but only if you have the right shades of highlights for your hair color and put them in the right places. With the right choices, your highlights will make you look a little younger, a little healthier and a lot sexier. Here are a few tips on hair highlights for light brown hair.


It's important to remember that brown hair gets its color from red tones. That's right-whether you notice the red or not, it really is there. If you have light brown hair and lift the color by two shades, be prepared to see some red in those highlights, because you will. Period. The darker your brown hair, the more red involved in the color and the more that red will become visible when you lighten things up. The great news is that this color looks terrific in light brown hair. In fact, those ultra-light blonde highlights you've been dreaming of will stick out like a sore thumb, rather than stand out like a great color. If the reddish tone that appears in your highlights is too orange, it can easily be tamed with a bit of toner.


Because of the trickiness of the red in brown hair, it is a good idea to go to a salon for your highlights. A professional stylist can tone those shades and make sure you leave the salon looking fabulous. If you try to do your highlights at home, it is possible you'll wind up with brassy, orange streaks reminiscent of clowns at a circus. In order to get the perfect highlights to frame your face and lighten up your look, trust a pro for your hair highlights for light brown hair.

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