High and Low Light Hair Color Ideas

One great way to shake up your style is to play around with high and low light hair color ideas. The best looks these days are all about adding depth and complexity through multiple colors. By combining highlighting and lowlighting, you can take your hair to a whole new level of color, shine, movement and dimension. Here are some high and low light color ideas to get you started.


Color adds texture to hair, so using a combination of highlights and lowlights adds fullness to your look. Different colors will reflect the light at different levels, so using both highlights and lowlights adds more movement and shine to your look. You can use blonde highlights to frame your face and on the top of your head to add brightness to your face. By combining them with darker lowlights, you multiply the interest in your hair and give it more depth.


Typically, lowlights do not need to be touched up as often as your highlights do. Many stylists suggest having your lowlights touched up every third time you have your highlighting done. If you have both, however, and really love the look, you certainly can have them both done at the same time. Your stylist will probably use foils to do both highlights and lowlights. While the highlights work best right around your face, the lowlights are more about adding depth and might be confined to the tips or the underside of your hair. Using thinner streaks of color tends to look more natural than wide streaks, but if you love the attention and are feeling bold, thick chunks add more drama. You can also have a "skunking" technique done with highlights and lowlights. This look uses a wide streak right down the middle of your hair with highlights and then uses the darker low lights to add volume to the rest of your hair.


Highlights and lowlights will eventually fade out, so go ahead and have fun with both highlights and lowlights and make the most of your hair color.

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