How Do You Dye Your Hair With Kool-Aid

How do you dye your hair with Kool-Aid? If you want bright, shocking color and hair that smells fabulous, you'll want to check out this cool way to color your hair. Follow these steps for fantastically colored hair using cheap but fruity hair dye.

Go Shopping
You'll need to stop at two stores: a beauty supply store and the grocery store. Pick up at least two unsweetened Kool-Aid packets in the colors of your choice. If you want to streak your hair with fun colors, choose at least two packets of the base color and one packet for each set of streaks. Purchase a pair of rubber gloves or disposable plastic gloves and a roll of tin foil, too.

At the beauty supply store, buy a bleach kit-not to be confused with a blonding kit. A blonding kit will not be powerful enough for your task; you will need to bleach your hair unless you already have white-blond hair that takes color easily. You will also need a bottle of hair conditioner.

Protect Your Clothes
Change into clothes you don't mind staining. Secure an old towel around your neck. Have the gloves and required ingredients ready.

Bleach Your Hair
Follow the instructions on the bleaching kit and load up your hair with the bleaching agent. Leave the bleach in your hair for only the allotted time. While you might think you're giving yourself a little extra help by leaving the color on longer, you're actually doing more harm than good in that situation.

Rinse your hair thoroughly, making sure to remove all the bleach. Do not apply the conditioner that comes with the bleaching kit.

Mix up the Kool-Aid and Conditioner
In separate bowls, mix the packets of Kool-Aid with a dollop of conditioner per packet. You should use a ratio of one heaping tablespoon of conditioner to every packet of unsweetened Kool-Aid.

Protect Your Face
Use petroleum jelly around the edge of your face to protect yourself from Kool-Aid stains.

Section Off the Streaks
Using foil, separate out the locks of hair you'd like to streak. Put on your gloves and massage the intended color conditioner and Kool-Aid mixture into the locks. Wrap those locks in foil just like your stylist does when giving you highlights.

Color the Rest
Change gloves or rinse your gloves well. Now work the base color Kool-Aid and conditioner mixture all over your hair, massaging it well. When your hair is thoroughly coated, wrap your head in plastic wrap. Let the color sit for at least one hour, but preferably all day. When you can't stand having it in there anymore, rinse your hair with warm water, carefully removing the foil wraps.

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Any hair color specialist worth their salt will tell you that the best results come from a choosing a hair color that matches your skin tone. Warm, cool, dark or tinted with yellow, everyone needs something slightly different.

Before you start down the path of bleach blonde hair, you need to know some important facts. Any hair color correction that involves lightening your hair color is going to involve bleaching.

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