How Long Does Kool-Aid Hair Dye Last

Are you wondering how long Kool-Aid hair dye lasts? If you want to try using this cheap, vibrant, fruity smelling hair dye, you'll want to take precautions to make sure your hair turns out the way you want it to.

Kool-Aid used as hair dye can last for a month or for a day, depending on your hair condition, color and your dying method.

If You Have Dark, Healthy Hair
You'll have to either bleach your hair with a bleaching kit or settle for a barely-there dye. Even the brightest color Kool-Aid won't create a very bright color change on dark hair. You may get a nice tint to your dark hair though, which might be exactly the effect you're looking for. The color should wash out in just a few washings.

If You Have Light Colored, Healthy Hair
You may get a decent color, but it won't be bright or vibrant unless you bleach your hair first. The Kool-Aid will stay in for about a week or so.

If You Have Damaged Hair
You will get a deeper color if you have damaged hair, but it may take unevenly and fade unevenly, too. The lighter your natural hair color is, the brighter the Kool-Aid color will show up. Expect the color to remain for a week to a week and a half. 

If You Bleach Your Hair First
If you use a bleaching kit-not a blonding kit-and add the Kool-Aid to your hair before you condition, you should get the most vibrant and semi-permanent hair color possible. Your hair may retain the Kool-Aid color for up to a month this way.

How It's Done
To follow this technique, mix hair dye at a ratio of one packet of Kool-Aid to one heaping tablespoon of conditioner. Thickly coat hair and wrap in plastic wrap. Leave in for at least one hour and up to a whole day. Rinse hair with warm water when you can't stand to leave the Kool-Aid in any longer. 

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