Striking Brown Hair Color Shades

Brown hair color shades are all the rage right now. Tall, dark and beautiful is fast becoming in vogue again. The key to selecting the right shade of brown for you is to take the time to consider not only your skin and eye color, but also the desired effect. With some experimentation, you will soon have a shade that flatters your very best features. The following are just some of the many striking brown hair color shades from which you can choose.

One of the most flattering shades of brown is dark brown chocolate-like shade. This look is best for folks who have olive or dark skin tones. The shade is one that is sure to get a person noticed. Dark, romantic and mysterious are just some of the many words that describe the effect dark brunette shades can have.

Another great shade of brown that is sure to get you noticed is a walnut brown. This medium brown color is great for people who have fair skin and want a way to warm up the complexion. This is a shade that really will add a youthful glow to the skin and can make a person's eyes pop with color.

If you have rose-colored skin or cooler skin colors, then a mahogany brunette shade can really get you noticed. Such a shade of brown will complement your skin coloring. Similarly, auburn brown is a striking shade that can't go unnoticed. This color works best with people who have yellow or golden-like skin tones.

Finding the most striking color shade is all about knowing your skin types and finding out what is most flattering or complementary. Consult with a professional hair stylist to determine the tones of your skin and to consider your hair coloring options. This will ensure you select a color that really will get you noticed and will flatter your skin type.

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Take these hair coloring tips with you to the drugstore so you can make the best decisions about permanent, semi-permanent and demi-permanent options and apply your chosen hair color like a pro.

Getting top-notch hair color is so much more than merely picking out a shade.

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Any hair color specialist worth their salt will tell you that the best results come from a choosing a hair color that matches your skin tone. Warm, cool, dark or tinted with yellow, everyone needs something slightly different.

Before you start down the path of bleach blonde hair, you need to know some important facts. Any hair color correction that involves lightening your hair color is going to involve bleaching.

Change your hair color, change your life with these hair coloring tips to help you select the right hair color for you.

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