Test Drive a Wild Hair Color

Everyone needs a change now and then, but it's sometimes hard to decide what that change should be. Trying a wild hair color is a great way to have fun, spice up your life and try something new. Since there are so many options available to you, take the time to do you research about hair dying and hair coloring.

We're lucky to live in an age with more technological advances than there are chewing gum. Consequently, if you're looking to test drive a wild hair color, you can use computer programs to help you with this. Many Web sites have programs designed to help you try on not only new hair colors but also new haircuts and makeup. You upload your photo and the program allows you to click and point through a variety of new looks. This is a great way to see how you'd look with a new look, and it's safe too: If you don't like the hot pink mohawk you've fashioned for yourself, you can always hit delete.

Always consult with a specialist when it comes to choosing a new hair color. Some skin tones and hair colors are better combinations than others. Additionally, consider getting highlights with the color before you dye your whole head neon green. You may need to see the color in increments before taking the plunge.

Wigs are another great way to try on a wild new hair color. Look for wigs in as many colors as possible and try them on, taking photos. This way, you can try on a new color without committing 100%. Additionally, this will allow you to also try on new hairstyles.

Lastly, try some temporary hair colors. These generally wash out in six or eight shampoos, are cheaper than other dyes - usually - and are easy-to-use both at home or in the salon. This way, you can try on a new hair color for the weekend and wash it out in time for your Monday morning meeting.

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Take these hair coloring tips with you to the drugstore so you can make the best decisions about permanent, semi-permanent and demi-permanent options and apply your chosen hair color like a pro.

Getting top-notch hair color is so much more than merely picking out a shade.

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Any hair color specialist worth their salt will tell you that the best results come from a choosing a hair color that matches your skin tone. Warm, cool, dark or tinted with yellow, everyone needs something slightly different.

Before you start down the path of bleach blonde hair, you need to know some important facts. Any hair color correction that involves lightening your hair color is going to involve bleaching.

Change your hair color, change your life with these hair coloring tips to help you select the right hair color for you.

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