The Allure of the Redhead

From Lucille Ball to Christina Hendricks, redheads have always captured the imagination of the public with their dramatic looks and fiery personalities. While only 4 percent of the population has naturally red hair, many women turn to henna or other types of hair dye to take on a redheaded hue. The allure of the redhead is unmistakable, but the decision to dye your hair red is completely up to you. Capturing the color you want is only a matter of following some simple tips and tricks.

Should you color your hair red?

If you're envious of brazen red locks, you're not alone. Plenty of ladies dye their hair red, but doing so definitely has both pros and cons.

Red is one of the quickest colors to fade, so you'll need to stay on top of it. Many redheads who dye their hair with drugstore coloring need to re-color at least every three to four weeks. Unlike those who apply blonde or brown dye, you will need to re-color your entire head of hair instead of just the roots to keep it looking vibrant.

Henna is one alternative to regular hair dye that has definite staying power, as well as being 100 percent natural. If you use henna, however, be sure it's a decision you want to stick with for a while. In order to remove henna dye, you will need to use peroxide, and there's a chance your hair could end up orange.

Choosing a shade of red

There are many shades of red, and choosing the most flattering shade is a matter of figuring out your skin tone as well as your personal preferences.

  • Fair-skinned women can pull off the more natural shades of red, from golden strawberry blonde to copper. Stick to warm shades, and avoid ruby and burgundy, which can wash you out.
  • Medium-toned skin offers the most versatility. You can choose from shades of light copper through deep auburn. Avoid deep purple-based shades, however, as they can make you appear yellowish.
  • From deep burgundy to chestnut brown, dark-skinned women can pull off the deepest and richest shades of red. Avoid anything too golden or coppery, however, since these shades can give your skin a green hue.

With all the different shades of red dye available, any woman can become an alluring redhead. Pick skin-flattering shades and maintain your color for the best redheaded look.

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