How to Color White Hair

If you're worried about how to color white hair, worry no more. There's really only one trick that makes coloring white or gray hair any different than coloring any other hair.

White hair is simply hair that has lost its pigment. When hair is gray, it means there is still some pigments left in some hairs, but others are white. The mixed state of your hair gives you the end result of a gray mane. With white hair, you need to remember that the hair is extremely porous. This means it will soak up color like a dry board soaking up paint. Just as you would use a primer on that board, you need to use a primer on your hair. This primer is known as filler.

Fillers provide an even base coat to your hair by filling in porous or damaged areas with either proteins or polymers. Polymers are synthetic compounds made of large molecules that are made up of smaller molecules. The fillers replace the missing primary color in the hair.

There are two types of fillers: conditioning fillers and color. Conditioning fillers recondition damaged hair before color is added. The color is added right on top of the filler and both are processed at the same time. When you are coloring white hair, your stylist will probably use a color filler. In this case, a color is put on the hair and processed and then another color, usually darker, is applied after the filler is done and processed separately.

Fillers provide many advantages to white hair. They give the hair a more uniform color, returning the hair to its natural color. They add color to faded hair and they help hair hold the color longer. Fillers also help prevent off-color results and prevent uneven color results. They can also prevent a dull color.

When you decide to get your white hair colored, start with a filler for excellent results. Your hair will love you-and you will love your hair again.

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