How to safely remove weave bonding glue without excessive hair loss.

The year is 2010 and still today, like the past, many African American woman struggle day to day to maintain healthy, long, and luxurious hair. Many African American women today feel as though hair is there beauty, so they alter the natural state of their hair by applying hair extensions by the use of hair bonding glue.

When African American woman apply hair boding glue to their hair, it act like an adhesive and only can be removed by saturating the extensions and glue with shampoo and conditioner. Once the hair is saturated, gentle pull the track from your hair; applying more shampoo and conditioner when needed.  After all the tracks have been removed, it will be time to remove the glue from your hair and scalp.  Prep your hair with more shampoo and conditioner, along with baby oil for the thin areas of hair that are caked with glue. Once this shampoo, conditioner, and baby oil has sat for at least 5 minutes, begin softly and gently massaging the scalp in a circle motion to losing up the glue to avoid hair lose. (Bold spots)  Once the glue from the scalp has been loosed, it time to work on the strands of the hair to avoid excessive amounts of shedding. (Example: combing hair after corn rolls hair that's in the comb)

When removing the hair glue from the strands its best not to comb until the glue is lose enough that it will slide along the strands to the tip of the hair with ease. The best method is to gentle pull apart the hair from the glue with your finger; you will feel when the glue is the loses that it can be.  After all the weave bonding glue has been loosed, gently comb your hair with a small tooth comb; which should slide through with easy, if not repeat the steps above. Once its time to comb the scalp, it also should slid through with easy. If the comb stops when scraping the scalp to remove the glue, stop combing and gentle massage the scalp in a circler motion, but this time using you nail. (Make sure to apply more baby oil and shampoo) Continue on to scraping the scalp for the glue until all of the hair bonding glue is removed.

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