Be Your Own Hairstylist: How to Cut Your Own Hair

Acting as your own stylist to cut your own hair is not for the faint of heart or those without a sense of adventure. Everyone knows just how bad a bad haircut can look, so remember to always begin the task with the proper tools and knowledge.

It's best to stick with trimming your own hair, rather than creating your own hairstyle. If you're doing something drastic, such as cutting off five feet of hair for a trendy look, it's always best to stick with a professional. It's the light and basic hair trimming-the maintenance work-that can be done at home.

Proper Tools
The most important tool you need is going to be a pair of scissors made to trim hair, of course. It's vital that your scissors are sharp. Dull scissors leave strands of hair frayed and highly prone to split ends. Sharp scissors leave strands of hair healthy and keep your work looking clean.

Have a comb, brush or hair pick handy to help you detangle and section off your locks. You're going to need a hand mirror and a wall mirror to help you see your hair from all directions. Depending on the amount of hair being cut, you may also want a towel for your shoulders or a garbage bag for the floor.

Proper Knowledge
Always cut your hair when it's dry, never while it's wet. A professional stylist has the experience to know exactly how wet hair will dry. However, for someone cutting their own hair, the wet strands will probably dry in an uneven mess. It will be much easier, and give much better results, to shape your hair when it's dry.

Brush your hair out and remove any tangles before your begin cutting. Let your locks fall into their natural place and make sure your hair parts in its usual place. Decide how much hair you want to trim off and the general shape you want to create with your tresses.

Take a small section of hair and pull it between two fingers, until you reach about two inches above the ends. Start trimming your hair with a straight cut, taking off only an inch or two of hair. You can always cut off more hair, but once you make that cut, it's gone for good.


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