The Best Haircut for a Round Face

Overall, the best haircut for a round face adds height, not width, to your head. Your face shape is truly what determines if a hairstyle looks wonderful or terrible on you. Each different face shape has certain areas that need to be emphasized, and others that need to be minimized. If you want to highlight your facial strengths and downplay the roundness, it can be easy to do with the right styling tricks.

Long angles
Round faces tend to look better with long hair than with short. The length helps elongate your face. To minimize the round shape, angled layers are your best friend. These layers help add dimension to your style, regardless if your hair is straight, wavy or curly. Ask you hairstylist to create a bang-less, slightly layered cut with gentle angles that ends about mid-back.

Straight bouffant
A long, straight bouffant adds height to your hair and is an easy style to maintain. You need a long cut with slightly shaggy ends. Use curlers, a curling iron or hairspray to add some lift to your root area. Shape the hair so it comes in towards the temples and hangs down in a straight line. Keep your bangs as long as possible and part them slightly off center. Smooth the bangs out and tuck them behind each ear.

Casual curls
Casual curls ending well below the shoulders can help add height to your face without adding too much width. Keep the hair by your cheeks as thin and tapered as possible. If you want some bangs, keep them wispy and loose along the side of your face with only a few strands across the forehead.

Spiked shag
If you need a style that's ultra trendy, but still flatters your round face, try a spiked shag cut. This punk look can be cropped or shoulder length. All you need is tons of shaggy layering and spiky ends. Try some side-swept bangs and use a little gel to make them pointed. Keep the bulk of the hair off your cheeks and smooth against your neck.

Spiked pixie
Pixie hairstyles are a cute mix of punk and fantasy, and can look great on a round face. Keep your hair ultra-short, around four inches long. Use gel to spike your bangs and the hair on the top of your head up. Spike the hair on the sides of your head down. Spike the ends of your hair slightly in with a tiny flip outwards at the very tip.

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