Easy Ways to Blow Dry Hair

One of the best things about visiting the salon is having someone else blow dry your hair. Recreating that smooth look at home isn't easy, even if you use the same styling products your stylist did, but by practicing a few different techyniques, you can come pretty close to achieving what look like an effortless blow out at home.

Before you begin, put a smoothing cream or gel in your hair. If you want extra lift, use a volumizing mousse or spray as well. You'll never get anywhere and your arms will tire fast if you start using the round brush at the beginning when your hair is still very wet. Instead, turn the dryer on high power, and blast your hair until it's 90 to 95 percent dry. Feel free to flip your head upside down and let it get messy. Then, using two or three clips, pull your hair up in sections so you can work on perfecting a little at a time.

Once you're in styling mode, always make sure you're using a hair dryer with a nozzle and point it downward to avoid frizz. Use a medium-sized round brush to dry your hair in two-inch sections. Start at the back and end with the front (and most prominently seen) pieces. For straight hair, pull the sections of hair taut as you go, starting at the roots and ending with the ends. You'll be moving the hair dryer down the length of each piece. If you want to create loose and bouncy curls, roll the sections of hair around the brush and heat them for about ten seconds, holding the dryer a few inches away.

Once you've dried your hair completely section by section, use your fingers and a little styling cream to finish the look. You can also use a few spritzes of hair spray to tame fly-aways. Remember, a professional-looking blow out takes time to create, but it should last for a few days.

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