Funky Hairstyles for Girls

Funky hairstyles for girls give independent spirits a chance to really stand out from the crowd. Young girls can get away with more creative and colorful hairstyles that older women can't. A fresh new hairstyle reflects the wild unrestrained excitement of youth and lets girls express themselves in a fashionable way. Give your little girl the chance to receive compliments on her creative coiffure by trying one or more of these funky hairstyles.

Instead of the same old straight part, make zig-zags. Use a rat-tail comb and trace a zig-zag along where you want her part to go. The rat-tail comb will push hair to one side or the other of the new part. Slowly lift up the comb and catch the hair as it falls to either side. Pull the hair gently apart to reveal the zig-zag part. Make as many parts as you like for a funky hairstyle. Gather parted hair into side braids, or make two parts from hairline to crown, then gather it all into a high ponytail.

Jeweled Crown
For a simple updo that uses a variety of funky hair accessories, the girl needs medium to long hair. You'll need six small jeweled hair clips. Section her hair into six sections, from the hairline to about an inch short of her crown. Start with one section and twist it until the whole length of hair is wrapped rightly. Attach the clip to hold the hair in place just below the crown. The remainder of hair in the section can flow loosely. Continue with the other sections so that the end result is a jeweled crown, with tendrils of hair gathered together and hanging down.

For girls with short hair, it may appear that they are limited in the funky hairstyles they can perfect. Even short hair, however, has a variety of options. A retro pincurl look is great for any texture of hair. Just section off an inch-wide section of hair, spray it with water, roll the section around your finger and then pin it flat against the scalp. In the morning, remove the pins and finger comb the curls out. Spray in place for a retro look that evokes a sweet yet funky spirit.

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