Get Chlorine Out of Your Hair

It's a beautiful summer day and all you want to do is get in the pool, but you have blonde hair or have recently put blonde color in your hair. After enough exposure, you know the chlorine can damage your hair and even give your blonde hair a green tint which can be hard to remove. Following these tips on how to get chlorine out of your hair will ensure that you can enjoy the pool without damaging your locks.

How chlorine works

Chlorine is a chemical with strong oxidizing properties. Chlorine solutions are used in pools and hot tubs because of the reaction that occurs when chlorine and water are combined. The combination forms hypochlorous acid and hydrochloric acid that kill bacteria and other microorganisms that shouldn't be in the water. The ideal pH level in a pool is between 7 and 8; if the pH is not balanced, the solution can be harmful and will not clean your pool effectively. When the desired pH level is reached, ammonia or nitrogen is then added to the water to react with the chlorine, making it harmless to humans. It is important to follow the directions carefully if you are adding a chlorine solution to your own pool, because the chemical itself is very dangerous and can even be explosive if mixed with other chemicals.

How to remove chlorine

The easiest way to remove chlorine from your hair is to take a shower immediately after you go swimming. Try to do this before your hair dries with the chlorine water still in it. Make sure to use shampoo and condition and lather your entire head thoroughly. If you miss any spots, especially your scalp, you risk part of your hair turning green. You can also rinse your hair with clean water before getting into the pool so that the chlorine water will not soak into your hair as easily. Conditioning your hair before swimming will also make it harder for the chlorine to absorb.

If you haven't been washing your hair after swimming and notice your hair beginning to develop a green tint, you should rinse with regular baking soda, a vitamin C solution or lemon juice. Baking soda should not be used daily, however, because it can dry out your hair. Local salons may also offer special shampoos and conditioners designed to remove the chlorine damage.

Other side effects

Although chlorine is the most efficient way to clean a pool, it can have other side effects. One of the chemicals in the solution-hypochlorite ion-will cause fabrics to fade so your new bathing suit could appear worn out even if it has hardly been used. Chlorine also has a strong scent that resembles bleach, which many people find to be intolerable. You may find that your skin also itches or becomes red and irritated after swimming because chlorine can induce an allergic reaction. If a severe reaction occurs, seek medical attention right away.

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