Get Rid of Static in Hair During Winter

How many bad hair days have you had because you can't get rid of static in hair during winter months? Trying to look put together and professional is difficult when your hair is standing up on end! Between your own hair and your children's hair-think knit stocking caps-you can wind up ready to pull it all out by the roots simply because of static. You've tried hair styling products, but no luck. Before you give up, turn to these tips to help you get rid of static in hair during winter months. 

Static comes from the dryness so common in cold winter months, so the obvious answer is moisture, right? Your hair-just like your skin-needs more moisture during the winter. So what can you do? 

Try a Dryer Sheet
Those same handy sheets that take the static out of your clothes will pull the static from your hair. All you need to do is lightly rub a dryer sheet over your finished "do" and your hair will lay down flat and manageable.

Watch the Wool
Putting on that wool scarf or hat will add static to your hair. You can prevent the build up by wearing a silk scarf underneath the wool. The silk will keep your hair smooth and you can still keep warm.

Leave In Conditioner
Certain hair styling products can also help get rid of static in hair during winter months. Try leaving a little conditioner in your hair after washing to help the hair's cuticles lay smooth and flat. You can also try using a spray on shine product and get the same result. The key with both of these options is to use just a small amount of product. If you over-do it, your hair will look oily or greasy instead of shiny and smooth.

Use hair styling products that have a thermal protection quality. You can purchase shampoos, conditioners and leave-in products that are specially formulated to protection your hair from the damage and static build-up caused by blow dryers, curling irons and straighteners. 

Try these tips to help keep your locks from static build up during the winter months. Instead of feeling frustrated with bad hair days and flyaway hair, you'll feel great with your smooth, manageable hair all winter long.

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