The Best Hairstyles for Older Women

The best hairstyles for older women have two things in common, they help make you look younger and your hair look fuller. Once those two issues are addressed, the finer elements can be determined according to your specific needs.

It is common for older women to choose to go with a shorter hairstyle. Not only does this make styling easier, it helps add fullness to your strands during a time when most women's hair is beginning to thin. If thinning hair is a concern, layering can be another great way to get a fuller look.

A sleek bob looks fantastic on women with straight hair, just make sure to keep your hair cut just above the shoulders to avoid dragging your face down. This style is perfect for showing off gorgeous grey hues or subtle highlights.

Many older women choose to go with a short hairstyle to help give a lifting effect to their face. Long hair, especially straight and plain, can draw an observer's eye downward, exaggerating any sagginess in your face.  However, long hair isn't always an unflattering look on mature women.

The key to having a long hairstyle that still gives a youthful appearance is to use some layering. You need to break up your hair silhouette a little to avoid that dragging effect on your face. Try some wispy layers that fall along your cheeks or medium bangs with a gradual layered cut all the way down.

Take advantage of wispy bangs if you feel self conscious about any wrinkles on your forehead. Keep the bangs light and wispy so that they gently draw attention away from any wrinkles. Avoid anything too severe, such as short, straight bangs that cut your forehead in half. The severe bangs will act as more of a frame to display your wrinkles than a curtain to conceal them.

Regardless of your exact hair style, older women look great with subtle highlights or streaks in their hair. As long as you use the proper hair products and prevent the color from turning brassy, the extra hues help the hair seem rich and healthy. The soft streaks of lighter color also help lift your face and make your skin seem brighter.

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