Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Hairstyles for oval faces can be with or without bangs, highlights or curls. Just about any style can be pulled off. An oval face is one of the best shapes to have when it comes to versatility and beauty. Often seen as the perfect shape, oval faces can use most long, medium or short hairstyles without worry.

The number one rule when it comes to hairstyles for oval faces is to avoid adding too much length to your head. Having too much volume at the crown of your head ruins that perfect oval shape and drags your face down. To avoid the common pitfalls, always ask the advice of your hairstylist before deciding if a particular hairstyle is right for your face shape.

Any Bob
If you have an oval face and straight hair, try a shorter cut. There are a huge variety of bobs that work well for your face. Try a bob that skims along your best feature, such as chin or cheekbones to help bring them out. A side-swept bob gives you an edgy look, just make sure it isn't too spiky. Avoid the bob style if you have an oval face and curly hair, as it often ends up looking plain poufy and awkward. 

Short Pixie
Pixie haircuts look fantastic on oval faces, with out without lots of wisps and layering. Spiky styles work with a pixie cut too, as long as the spikes don't add too much height to your hair. Short, sleek cuts also work on an oval face, with the bangs swept back from the forehead.

Wispy Layers
If you have an oval face and curly hair, try a medium or long cut. Some wispy bangs and very light layering can help add shape to your curls. The longer length leaves the style ultra versatile, so that you can wear a ponytail, updo or just about anything else. For a truly classy look, keep your layered bangs long and healthy with a little extra volume at the sides.

Medium Flip
Wavy or straight, a medium-length cut with a little flip gives a bit of sass to your style. An outward flip makes the cut a little more rebellious, and an inward flip makes the cut a little more serious. You can choose to flip in either direction, with or without bangs, and know it'll look good. 

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