Hairstyles for Plus Size Women

Hairstyles for plus size women accentuate and complement their best features. This way, the focus is not on the size of a woman but on her amazing cheekbones, the shape of her eyes or her profile. The right hairstyle can make anyone look that much more beautiful. The key to finding the best hairstyles for plus size women is to consider everything from the shape of the woman's face to the texture of her hair.

The first thing to know is that shape is everything. When considering different hairstyles, know that letting your hair hang long without some shaping isn't going to do you any favors. If you are a larger woman, play with your curves and add some layers to your hair. In terms of length, it definitely helps to go with a shoulder-length or shorter hairstyles. This will draw attention to the shape of your face.

Texture really matters when it comes to balancing your look. Thus, if you are plus-size, add some volume to your look: spike your locks, curl the ends of a bob to frame your face and play with the waves in your hair. If you have naturally curly hair, play with the curls so they are defined. You want to showcase what you have to offer; play with the texture of your hair to draw attention to your face.

Hairstyles that include bangs are great for plus size women because they add angles to the face. For larger women, it pays to go with a shaggy, wispy or asymmetrical look. Unless your face is very angular, it's generally best to stay away from bangs that are cut so they fall straight across the forehead, and this is especially true if you have a rounder-looking face. 

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