How To Cut A Bald Fade

Learning how to cut a bald fade requires patience and a good pair of clippers. Despite how it sounds, a bald fade is not a hairstyle exclusively meant for bald men. A bald fade is actually just like a fade haircut, except shorter.

Most people will recognize a bald fade as a military-style haircut. The hair around the neck and lower head is shaved clean. As you get closer to the top of the head, the hair gets a little longer. The effect is subtle and makes the hair look like it is literally fading from the head.

A bald fade can be as long as desired on the top; it is the neck and sides that are shaved bald. The amount of fading needed will depend on how dramatically the hair length changes between the bald area and the top area.

Steps To A Bald Fade
1. You start a bald fade by creating three fade sections with two fade lines. The fade lines let you know where you will be changing the length. You first fade line will appear at the temple, or half crown, area of the head. Your second fade line will appear a few inches above your first.

2. Set your clippers to the shortest length possible to create a bald shave. Begin at the nape of the neck and shave against the grain. Keep shaving the entire neck and head clean until you reach the first fade line at the half crown and/or temple area.

3. Set your clippers to allow anywhere from ? to 1 inch of hair and shave the second section up to the second fade line, still shaving against the grain.

4. Set your clippers to allow whatever remaining length is desired. Shave the remaining top area of the head. 

5. Use a fade attachment on your clippers and shave the entire head carefully. If you do not have a fade attachment, you can shave the head at different, graduated lengths, in a ? of an inch line at a time. This will create a fade appearance as well.

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