How Remove Gum from Hair

How to remove gum from hair is a good skill to have. Acting quickly improves the chances of getting almost all of the gum out of your hair (or someone else's) so cutting isn't necessary. Put down the scissors and try some of the following techniques if you are serious about getting gum out of your hair.

If the gum is wet, you should try using peanut butter to get it out. To do this, take some creamy peanut butter that has a lot of oil- at least 50 grams of fat-and cover the gum-affected area using an old toothbrush. If the gum is still wet, it should then cling to the peanut butter. Next, use a dry cloth or towel to pull off the peanut butter. Doing this should help you get rid of most of the gum. Finish by shampooing your hair.

One of the best techniques for learning how to get gum out of hair is to use the ice method. To do this, you will need to soak your hair in salt water. If you have short hair, use a wet towel to help with this. Next, take some ice and rub it over the gum. This should make the gum harden so that it can then be peeled off. If you do not have peanut butter or if you are allergic to it, Canola or olive oil may also work.

If the gum is still sticky, mayonnaise may be able to help. In fact, the mayonnaise will not only remove gum but is also a good piece of hair care because the egg and oils make hair that much shinier and stronger. To use this, layer the mayonnaise on the affected area and then wrap your hair in a towel. Keep this towel in place for 25 minutes and then rinse the hair. If necessary, repeat this process, using a comb to remove the gum. 

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