How to Pull Up Your Hair With a Pencil

Have you ever wondered how to pull up your hair with a pencil? Once you get the hang of it, this kind of hair styling is quite easy to manage. Pens, chopsticks, even knitting needles will do in a pinch if you need to get your hair out of your face.

Method 1
Pull your hair up into a ponytail and band it together. The ponytail doesn't have to be tight. Run your pencil through the ponytail horizontally underneath the band. Divide your ponytail in two sections.

Take each section and run them from the front of the pencil down underneath the pencil and then cross the hair sections over each other at the back of the pencil. Bring the hair sections up over the top of the pencil, over the front of the pencil, down under the pencil to the back of the pencil and then cross again. Repeat until you run out of hair. You can either pin the remaining hair underneath the bun, leave the ends to hang, or curl the ends as you like.

This is not a style that you'll want to try with a short pencil. Additionally, if you don't have long hair, you won't find success with this look.

Method 2
Pull up your hair into a ponytail. Twist your hair into a small bun and hold the bun in place with one hand. Take the pencil, grab a small portion of hair close above the bun on the pencil. Pull the strands of hair down through the bun and pull the section back out like you are knitting. If you start with the erasure end of the pencil up, you will end with the erasure end down when you are finished.

Method 3
Follow Method 2, except don't pull all of your hair into a ponytail. This will leave you with a small bun on long hair.

You don't have to stick, so to speak, with one pencil. After you get your bun anchored, you might like to add other pencils to your style. In fact, you aren't even limited to pencils.

Actually, you aren't limited to pencils. Hair sticks, pens, chopsticks, knitting needles or anything that is interesting looking, strong, straight and long will do the job. You can also mix motifs if you like. For example, try regular sharpened pencils, sharpened colored pencils and pens together. 

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