How to Style Bangs for Straight Hair

Changing the way you style your bangs can give you a whole new look with minimal effort. When you know how to style bangs for straight hair, you always have a way to play with your look and bring a new personality to your 'do.

The straight and narrow

If you have bangs that fall above your eyes, one of the sharpest statements you can make is to let them hang straight down to create a stark line. Getting them to behave this way isn't as easy as it sounds, though.

For best results, you'll need a straightening iron and a straightening cream. It might seem strange to straighten already-straight hair, but no one's natural hair is perfectly pin straight. Using a product with hold and a flat iron will help make your bangs lie in an unnaturally straight way that's also sleek and edgy.

From the sidelines

It's amazing how much your look can change simply by parting your bangs in a different place. The problem is that if you have parted your hair down the center every day since you were 12, you might have trouble coaxing it to part at the right or left.

Retraining your hair starts in the shower. Try to move hair either straight back or off to the side as you wash it (instead of letting it fall at its natural part). When you're done washing, brush hair back as soon as possible. Use a rat-tail comb to make a part where you want it, and let hair air-dry.

You'll probably have to repeat this process for at least a week to convince your hair to naturally fall in a new spot, but in the meantime products with extra hold can help you get the look you're after.

Texture like a rock star

A textured, 'piecey' look brings an edge to straight bangs that instantly adds a dose of style to any look. The process will depend on how much texture you want to add. The simplest way to add texture to your bangs is to hold them straight out between your fingers and spray them with a medium-hold hairspray. Scrunch them with your fingers to create the messy look, and add another coat of hairspray to set the look.

If you want, you can create even more texture using products with more hold, like hair gel. Just be careful not to go overboard -- you should never have so much product in your hair that it becomes crusty.

Playing with different ways to style bangs is one of the easiest ways to give yourself a new look without needing a haircut. Explore different products to see how they interact with your hair, and keep an eye out in magazines or on the street for new ideas you might want to try.

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