How to Use Hair Clippers

Learn how to use hair clippers to create simple cuts for men and boys. It takes some skill to use hair clippers correctly, so be careful. Otherwise any money you save by cutting hair at home will go into a stylist's pocket to correct your mistakes. Follow these easy tips to use hair clippers for the best possible result.

Choose Your Weapon
Most hair clippers come with several attachments and combs for cutting different lengths of hair. The shorter attachments will create shorter haircuts. Take a look and decide which attachment is best for the haircut you want. Keep in mind that you may want to use a few different sizes for different areas. If your clippers came with a guidebook, consult it for a few options and ideas.

Prepare the Hair
You don't want to have soaking wet hair when cutting with electric hair clippers. Dry hair works just fine, or if you want to tame stray strands, wet it slightly with a spray bottle. In fact, you can continue to spritz water on the hair throughout the cut to keep it slightly damp, if you prefer.

Get in Position
As you cut, you'll want to hold your clippers so that you are cutting in the opposite direction of hair growth. This will ensure a more even result.

Start at the Bottom
When you start cutting, you should begin at the back of the head at the bottom of the hairline. Gradually work your way around to the sides and top. Finish with the nape of the neck and around the ears.

Keep It Clean
As you go, clippers can get clogged with hair. Be sure to clean them periodically during the haircut to prevent irritation and miss-cuts.

Clipping Long Hair
Longer hair may be more challenging when learning how to use hair clippers. Hold small sections with your fingers or a comb and run the clippers all the edge you've created. 

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