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You can choose several short hairstyles for round faces that create the illusion of a longer face and slim features. A round face is generally considered one that is just about as wide as it is long.
By Jennifer Maughan
"What hairstyle fits my face?" This is one of the first things asked when considering the selection of a new fashion haircut. Learn how to come up with the right answers to this critical question.
By Vickie Ferguson
A good hairstylist can be tough to find, but, with a little effort on your part, you can find the perfect hairdresser for you. A good stylist will listen to what you want and will offer advice and tips on what will look best.
By Teresa Hall
If you want to turn your head of hair into a collection of dreadlocks, know that it'll take some work and special care. Don't expect to have dreadlocks overnight-you might even want to go to a professional to help you get them started.
By Julie Knapp
Hairstyles for round faces draw the eyes to the total picture, rather than just a lack of elongation to the face.
By Teresa Hall
Who can wear a pixie haircut? Learn if you have what it takes-outside and in-to wear a true pixie style.
By Teresa Hall
Learning how to get rid of split ends one minute, but you will be much better served by learning how to prevent split ends from showing up in the first place. By preventing split ends, you will be able to maintain lush, healthy locks.
By Aysha Schurman
We all know and hate how it feels to have a frizzy hair day. Some of us deal with it every day, others only when the weather gets humid. Either way, knowing how to tackle the frizz is key.
By Teresa Hall
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