Ways to Prevent Split Ends

Split ends cause strands to break and your tresses to appear dull, damaged and frizzy. Regardless whether you suffer from split ends on your head, lip or chin, they always create unflattering results.

The best way to prevent split ends, obviously, is to use preventative care. By strengthening your hair and using proper care, you can stop these pesky breaks before they have a chance to develop.

The best way to prevent your hair from developing split ends is to keep it healthy. The best way to keep your hair healthy is to keep it hydrated and properly moisturized. As your strands dry out they become brittle and less flexible. This stiff nature makes it easy to break the hair with just the slightest amount of abuse.

Keeping hair moisturized usually comes down to using the proper types of hair products. A gentle shampoo and hydrating conditioner are always the best choice. The specific product depends entirely upon your hair type and personal preference. However, any alcohol based products will strip the moisture from the hair and ultimately make it much weaker.

Another way to help keep hair hydrated is to reduce heat damage. This means washing and rinsing hair in warm or cold water only, never hot. It also means cutting down on any heat inducing products you use for styling. It might seem impossible, but if you stop blow-drying, curling or straightening your hair, it will reduce the stress and damage that results from heavy heat.

Brushing your hair correctly also helps prevent split ends. When you use a rough stroke, tearing through those tangles, you're actually tearing up your hair. Always start brushing your hair at the bottom instead of the top. Carefully work out any knots, and then move a few inches up. This way you avoid pushing all the knots together and ripping those tresses.

Regardless of how you brush your hair, it's vital that you never brush it when wet. The brush will pull on the wet hair, causing it to stretch and weaken, resulting in a tremendous amount of split ends. You also want to avoid over-brushing your hair. Never do the old wives tale of 100 strokes. Brush your locks until they are tangle-free and then stop. 

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