Tipping a Hairstylist

Tipping a hairstylist should not be an option; when you find a good one, you want to be sure and tip well so you don't ever have to look for a hairstylist again. Many people balk against tipping as a general rule, but it's important to remember that most people who work in a field where tipping is common practice are paid a much lower hourly wage than they would otherwise make.

When you go to a hairstylist, you are not just paying for a haircut. In fact, the price you pay for the cut goes to the owner of the salon. Consider it the admission fee to the establishment and access to highly trained employees. Your tip to the hairstylist is your recognition of her education and ongoing training; her special talents not only in making you look fabulous, but making you feel fabulous as well. Your tip helps her offset the cost of her tools that she must supply. In many salons, the stylist has to rent her chair from the salon's owner.

There are certain service industries in which tipping is customary and hairstyling is one of them. By tipping your hairstylist, you can assure your regular place in her schedule and continuing great work.

How much should you tip? If you go into a higher priced salon, then plan to tip about 15 percent if you are satisfied with your hairstyle and up to 20 percent if you are thrilled. If you go to a bargain priced salon, then be sure to tip at least $5 for a hairstyle you really like. Of course, if your hair is not done well or to your satisfaction or if you are not treated properly, then you shouldn't leave a tip.

What you need to know about tipping a hairstylist is this: if you love your hair, leave a nice tip to let your stylist know that he or she is appreciated. Your tip will not go unnoticed. In the end, everyone will win.

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