Who Can Wear a Pixie Haircut

Who can wear a pixie haircut? If you think this bold style won't work for you, think again-while a pixie haircut is super short, it actually works well for many different face shapes.

The bottom line is this: a pixie haircut will show everyone exactly what your face looks like. You won't be able to hide behind anything if you're sporting this -do. Those with striking eyes looking to emphasize this feature will benefit brilliantly from a pixie-the same goes for those with great cheekbones, which are naturally featured prominently with a pixie.

Because a pixie haircut will draw all eyes straight to your face, you might want to avoid this type of cut if you have irregular features or if you have a nose or chin that are a bit too prominent. The key thing to remember is confidence: if you love how your face looks, you'll love the light, fresh feeling of a pixie. If you feel self-conscious about that mole on your cheek or the way your nose has a bit of an upturn on the end, however, this might not be your best choice.

To get an idea of how exposed you will feel in a pixie cut, think about how you look when your hair is wet and all combed straight back from your face. Of course the pixie will give you a bit more visual effect than wet hair will, but this is the best test drive you can give the look without fully committing. If you love what you see, go for it and love every minute of your look. If the seeing every detail of your face without distraction makes you cringe, even a little, think twice before you go with a full-fledged pixie haircut.

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