Men's Feathered Hairstyles

The men's feathered hairstyle, the male equivalent to the female "wings" do made famous by Farrah Fawcett, was all the rage in the 1970s and 1980s. Whether you turned to Don Johnson or the Beegees, men were showing off their faces with this feminime approach to men's hair. While many people think that men will never again sport the feathered look, elements are still seen on some of Hollywood's hottest hunks today. Check out the top five best feathered dos:

Don Johnson
The 1980s, known for its big hair, produced the epitome of the male feathered do with Johnson, who became a television sensation as Detective James Crockett on Miami Vice in 1984.

The Bee Gees
It was this music group that sent young boys running to the bathroom to style their hair before school each morning. This feathered style, sported by the Brothers Gibb-Maurice, Robin and Barry-was full and thick.

David Cassidy
The 1970s singer and The Partridge Family actor is famous for his shag haircut, which feathers at the end. When it comes to this look, there is a long shag and a short shag. In both styles, the ends feather out, just at different lengths. This shaggy feathered look is still seen today.

Zac Efron
This teen heartthrob's hair is an example of the modern shaggy feathered look. It's long and wispy at the ends for the feathered look. Efron's bangs, especially, bring you back to the original version of the feathered look.

Chace Crawford
Gossip Girl star Crawford has a similar look as Efron. This do is a little choppier for a more boyish look. This style is created with a razor for wispy edges.

Get the Look
Getting the modern feathered look is simple. The key is applying a small amount of gel or wax while hair is wet and then after to keep the style intact. These tips are based on the Zac Efron look. For a choppier look, ask a stylist to use a razor for choppy, uneven edges.

  • Blow dry the hair starting at the roots to avoid the hair falling flat.
  • Use a small amount of gel or wax; applying it downward through the ends for texture.
  • Style the bangs with gel or wax by sweeping the hair to the right; you can style to the left if you prefer.
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