Short Hairstyles for Men

Short hairstyles for men are great because they are easy to care for but still offer men some flexibility. You can have fun with your hair styling but won't have to spend hours upon hours perfecting the look. For the busy professional or student, quick hairstyles for men really do make life that much easier.

Front Tousled Look
A popular short hairstyle in today's day and age is the long in the front tousled look. Here, the back of the head is cut close to the head but the top of the hair is longer. Men like this look because they can play around with either a casually messy look or a slicked back and parted look. The hairstyle is one that offers a man a great deal of diversity as well as many hair styling options.

Shaggy Style
Another popular short hairstyle for men is the shaggy or layered look. Here, men are keep their hair relatively short but having it cut so that the ends are asymmetrical, so that jagged or layered bangs fall just over the eyes or to the side of the face and so that the layers frame the face. This is a funky hairstyle for men who want to experiment with their look.

Spike It Up
The spiky look is one that has been around for quite some time. This hairstyle involves the man taking his short hair and spiking it up using gel and other styling products. To do this, one twists the hair up while distributing the gel, sometimes even using a hair dryer to set the look.

Buzz, Buzz
One of the most classic short hairstyles for men is the buzz cut. Here, you take a razor to your head and cut the hair as close to the head as possible. Remember that you aren't going for the bald look but for the buzz cut look. This is a low maintenance look that will need no hair styling. When buzzing your hair, it may be fun to play with cutting in shapes or giving yourself a Mohawk, depending, of course, on the look or effect you want to have. 

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