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Hairstyles for prom serve as the crowning touch to a special look, but it means that preparing for the prom requires great planning and decision making skill. Given the numerous hairstyles for prom night that are available, finding the right look can be a daunting but fun task. From trendy hairstyles to fancy prom hairstyles, each style is an individual creation that will add a touch of pizzazz to the special night.

Searching for a Trendy Style
If you are looking at trendy hairstyles for inspiration, pop culture is your best friend. Use hairstyle or teen magazines to see what styles teens and celebrities are wearing and then envision how the style will look on you.

If you think that you've found a great look, your job is far from finished. It's not just about your hair on prom night-the hair and your gown should be balanced and complement each other. Select a hairstyle reflects the tone and style of your dress. If you have a romantic, flowing gown, you don't want a sharp and modern hairstyle.

Consider whether your hairstyle will fit the tone of the prom. Whether the prom is an ultra-formal affair or more casual and informal, the hairstyle and gown should reflect the tone so you are not over- or under-dressed for the occasion. 

Preparing Your Trendy Style
Do any experimenting to changes in hair color prior to the prom. The worst possible time to encounter a color nightmare is on the big day. Even if the color looks great on you, you won't have time to react if your new hair color doesn't go with the shade of your dress.

Have a backup hairstyle in mind and plan accordingly. Getting a perfect hairstyle and having fun as you prepare for prom is only going to happen if you schedule yourself time to breathe and relax. Make your appointment as far in advance on the day of the prom. Set aside plenty of time to spend at the hairdressers to allow for busy stylists and any problems that may arise. Have extra bobby pins, hair combs and hairspray in case of minor repairs.

Going Fancy?
Fancy hairstyles are not the type of styles worn by teens everyday so when choosing a style for the prom, making the right choice that reflects confidence, elegance and individuality are important. These styles are available for short, medium and long hair.

Popular fancy hairstyles include:

  • French twists, beehive and upswept curls: These styles are much more elaborate and require long hair to create the twist and curls. Each style can be embellished with wispy tendrils around the face and neck.
  • Sleek and simple styles, such as the chignon and French braid: These are less time consuming to create, easy to maintain and look stylish and classy.
  • Extensions: This option adds length for those with short hair, which allows for updo hairstyles.
  • Sedu hairstyles: Curls are relaxed so the hair is worn in a straight, sleek style that is the exact opposite of normally curly hair.
  • Romantic curls: Long hair curled or spiraled and worn loosely in a free-flowing manner accentuated with ringlets and tendrils is a delicate and romantic hairstyle.

Fancy Hairstyle Tips

  • When selecting a fancy hairstyle, select one that works with the design of the gown. Keep the hairstyle and gown in balance.
  • Updos are extremely popular but take more time to style than a free flowing hair-down style. Keep this in mind when setting an appointment and allow plenty of time for the stylist to create the right style.
  • Use accessories to highlight the hairstyle such as jeweled combs and barrettes, tiaras, sparkling hairpins, and satin tea roses or silk daisies.  
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