Prom Hair Up Do's

Prom hair up do's are almost as important as the dress you wear and so you'll want that updo to reflect your style without taking attention away from your gown.These prom hair ideas will help you make the right choice.

Quick and Easy Prom Updo
This style works for anyone with medium to long hair. While the style is easy to do, it looks amazingly elegant. It's also called the "twisted bun" because of all the little twisted segments that twist together into a bun. You'll need two elastic hair bands the color of your hair, a bunch of bobby pins the color of your hair, hair wax, hair pomade, hairspray, glitter and an accent piece such as a flower or hair pin that goes with your prom dress.

You'll want to wash your hair a day or two before doing this updo, not the day of. Why? Because freshly washed hair is harder to work with and tends to be more flyaway. O don't wash your hair first, just brush it out so you can work with the individual segments easily.

Part your hair horizontally instead of vertically, and use the two elastic hair bands to make two ponytails, one above the other, both at the back of your head. Make sure both ponytails contain the same amount of hair in each.

Take a small segment from the bottom pony tail and use hair pomade to smooth out the segment. Twist the segment until it is very tight, then pin the segment to your hair, making an attractive design with the twisted segment. Repeat this with all the little segments in both ponytails, aiming for anywhere from 8-16 small twisted segments, all decoratively twisted and pinned to form a bun of twists on the back of your head.

Spray with hair spray. Sprinkle glitter on hair. Accent with pin or flower. Spray again. 

French Twist
The French twist is an elegant classic updo perfect for prom or any other formal occasion.  It is a bit of a challenge to get right, but it conveys class and confidence.

Brush your hair back from your face and collect your hair into a tight ponytail on the back of your hard, slightly to the left of center. Twist this ponytail twice, then using your left hand to anchor the ponytail to your head, point the ends of the ponytail to the ceiling with your right hand. Now fold the top third of the ponytail down into itself, then fold again. Roll the ponytail into itself horizontally, tucking the roll into the hollow between your head and the roll. Secure the seam of the roll with bobby pins, then roll again, securing with more bobby pins. Spray generously with hair spray and have fun at your prom. 

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