Prom Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Prom hairstyles for medium hair are all about being able to play up the versatility of medium length hair. Girls with medium length hair can choose from a variety of hairstyles for prom night, including curly prom hairstyles, sleek styles and sassy updos. An advantage of medium length hair is that the hairstyles are stylish, easy and uncomplicated. This also means they are low maintenance requiring very little need for touch ups and repair work on prom night.

Medium Hairstyles

  • Bangs play an important role in many medium hairstyles, whether they as a blunt cut or a light fringe. The hair is brushed forward over the eyes and side of the face, sideways across the cheek or spiked in a dramatic fashion.
  • The bob hairstyle can be short, medium or long and is an inverted cut that stacks the hair in the back adding volume. The angled bob is a straight cut with the front portion of the hair longer than the rest. The bob cuts frame the face so the use of highlights adds a sophisticated touch.
  • Straight or straightened hair with only the ends curled creates a soft and touchable style.
  • The messy look, one that uses updos and buns, is a popular style for medium length hair. The messiness can be on a small scale to a large over-the-top scale to create an exaggerated messy look. Use ribbons, flowers, feathers, combs and jewels to accessorize.
  • Secure a tight ponytail at the crown then separate the hair into sections and use either a curling iron or hot rollers to create curls. When the hair has cooled, fashion each curl into the shape and size you desire and pin securely. Repeat this step until all the hair has been use to create a mass of curls. By adjusting the placement of the ponytail, the curls can be pinned at the crown, back of the head or nape of the neck.
  • Ringlets make an instant style statement.
  • The knotted look consists of individual sections of hair twisted into a spiral then looped into a circle and pinned to the head. A knotted or twisted hairstyle can be created using a pattern effect or the knots are randomly placed for an undisciplined look. 
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