Get Volume with a Body Wave Perm

A body wave perm is the perfect solution for hair that just hangs in front of the face, limp and boring. If your mental picture of a permanent wave is tight little curls, don’t worry. Body wave perms aren't about "poodle curls" or even long spiral curls. A body wave perm is all about body, volume and oomph.

If you're dealing with flat, fine hair, a body wave can easily make you look like you have twice as much hair. No more flat, limp hair that looks sad. Move into volume, lift, body and movement with a body wave perm and use hair care products specially developed for use with chemically treated hair.

What is a Body Wave Perm?
A body wave perm is rolled on larger perm rods than a regular perm. Its purpose is to provide loose waves and big, bouncy curls, not small tight curls. They can also be rolled on straight rods rather than concave rods. When you get a curly perm, the stylist uses a concave perm rod - one that is thinner in the center than toward the outside edges.
When the hair is rolled on a concave rod, the hair toward the outside of the rod must travel farther to make a complete turn around the rod. This makes the curl wider and more spiral shaped. With a straight rod, all the hair travels the same distance around the rod, so the result is a consistent curl throughout all the strands of hair.

Just because a body wave perm uses larger rods doesn't mean you need long hair to have a body wave perm. The stylist simply uses a larger rod than she usually would. Of course, if your hair is short, a body wave will give more curl than if you had longer hair.

How Long Will It Take and How Long Will It Last?
When you are planning to get a volumizing treatment, you can expect your salon time to run from one to two hours. It will vary according to how long your hair is and how fast your stylist is. Ask your stylist when you can resume using your hair care products. After your body wave perm is complete, remember that it will take 24 to 36 hours to settle down, so don't panic if it looks curlier than you want. A good body wave perm will last anywhere from 2 to 6 months. 

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Home perms can leave your hair looking beautiful while saving you a fortune at the salon. You can apply a successful home perm as long as you take your time, buy quality perm products, read and follow the instructions carefully and start with your hair in good condition.

Different types of perms can yield different results, so you want to be sure you know which option is right well before you settle into the salon chair.

Frequently Asked Questions on
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Not all of us have hair that will hold a curl. For example, my hair is long, fine and straight with a few natural waves. I have had many perms, professional and home perms. None of them lasted very long. I did everything right.

Perming your hair at home is not as easy as some people think. There is a lot involved in this than just applying a perm solution and you think you will have a great curl. You have to remember you are applying a chemical to your hair and have to think about what type of curl you want to achieve before doing this or you will end up with a head of frizz and no curl.

Have you seen the price of a salon perm lately? It is not uncommon to pay between $75-$100 for a permanent wave in a salon. That's $75 you could be spending on shoes or makeup, or more honestly gas and groceries.

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