Different Types of Perms

Learning about different types of perms before you make your appointment may mean the difference between loving and hating the results. Deciding which one is right for you can be difficult, as you want to make sure the perm is both flattering and easy to care for.

Body Wave Perms
A body wave is a type of perm that has just a slight wave to it. This style is perfect for women who want a slightly curly look with volume. This technique adds more movement to your hair. If you have straight hair, a body wave will produce large curls. If your hair is naturally curly, your result will be tighter curls.

Pin Curl Perms
This type of perm can be done without using chemicals. The hair is wrapped in pin curlers. Gel is added to help lock the curls into place. The upside to this type of perm is there is no damage to the hair from chemicals.

Multi-Textured Perms
This type of perm is used to create a natural look to the hair. To create this look, large and small rods are used to lock the curls in place.

Root Perms
This perm adds lift and life to the roots of the hair. Root perms are great if you have flat or short hair. This process will give your hair a needed boost.

Spiral Perms
The outcome of this type of perm depends on the width of the perming rod, the chemicals used, and the skill of the hairstylist. Opt for this perm if you seek a head full of cascading curls.

Stack Perms
This is a good perm for someone who has hair that is all one length. The look can be created with the help of rollers or perm rods of different sizes. The overall effect is the illusion of layers and the addition of more volume to the hair.

Spot Perms
A spot perm can produce tight or loose curls, depending on the rod width. This perm is used by women who want to add style to only a certain portion of their hair.

Take time to consult with your stylist to decide which perm method is best for you and your type of hair. You are more likely to be pleased with the results if you go in to the process armed with knowledge and realistic expectations. Be sure to use the appropriate perm products on your hair to keep your perm looking its best.

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Home perms can leave your hair looking beautiful while saving you a fortune at the salon. You can apply a successful home perm as long as you take your time, buy quality perm products, read and follow the instructions carefully and start with your hair in good condition.

A body wave perm will transform limp locks into voluminous tresses.

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Not all of us have hair that will hold a curl. For example, my hair is long, fine and straight with a few natural waves. I have had many perms, professional and home perms. None of them lasted very long. I did everything right.

Perming your hair at home is not as easy as some people think. There is a lot involved in this than just applying a perm solution and you think you will have a great curl. You have to remember you are applying a chemical to your hair and have to think about what type of curl you want to achieve before doing this or you will end up with a head of frizz and no curl.

Have you seen the price of a salon perm lately? It is not uncommon to pay between $75-$100 for a permanent wave in a salon. That's $75 you could be spending on shoes or makeup, or more honestly gas and groceries.

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