Giving a Home Perm

Giving a home perm can be a great way to save the time and money of going to a salon to get your hair done, provided you know what you're doing. Always approach this task with caution and use the manufacturer's instructions closely to avoid burning your skin or hair, or ending up with results you really don't want. It's always a good idea to know your hair type first so you can choose the best processing time for your needs.

A successful home perm starts with the right products. This is where the lowest-price bargain perm kit probably isn't the option you really want. Go to a salon or professional beauty-supply store that sells to the public and invest in a professional-grade kit. If you're curling your hair, make sure you have perm rods that will work for your hair length and thickness, and that will produce the size of curls you really want. You should have a dedicated pair of rubber gloves for the process, which are usually included in the perm kit. Make sure you have enough chemicals for all of your hair. When in doubt, buy two kits - once you start, you'll be in big trouble if you come up short on essential supplies.

Before you begin, read the manufacturer's instructions carefully and make sure you understand them. Too little exposure and your hair won't react the way you want; too much and it can discolor, break or dissolve completely. Section your hair off in even pieces, and fold the end papers (that should be supplied in your perm kit) over the ends of hair in each section. Wrap a section of damp hair around each rod, then saturate with the perm chemical. Follow the manufacturer's instructions from here.

Done correctly, a home perm can look every bit as good as a professionally done perm at a salon, and it usually costs a lot less money. However, bear in mind that all liability for what might happen to your hair lies squarely on your shoulders, so make sure you know what you're doing and you're willing to take that risk. Once you master the technique, all you will need to worry about is enjoying your beautiful hair.

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Home perms can leave your hair looking beautiful while saving you a fortune at the salon. You can apply a successful home perm as long as you take your time, buy quality perm products, read and follow the instructions carefully and start with your hair in good condition.

A body wave perm will transform limp locks into voluminous tresses.

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Different types of perms can yield different results, so you want to be sure you know which option is right well before you settle into the salon chair.

Not all of us have hair that will hold a curl. For example, my hair is long, fine and straight with a few natural waves. I have had many perms, professional and home perms. None of them lasted very long. I did everything right.

Perming your hair at home is not as easy as some people think. There is a lot involved in this than just applying a perm solution and you think you will have a great curl. You have to remember you are applying a chemical to your hair and have to think about what type of curl you want to achieve before doing this or you will end up with a head of frizz and no curl.

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